"Thank you for coming." Dimitri, your commander, salutes you from across the room. "You're a fine comrade for taking on this mission. With the secret of the new whale song, perhaps we may surpass those damned United States in the sacred field of oceanography."
"My pleasure, Dimitri." You return the salute. You think about taking a seat, but then decide against it. "Now what was it that you called me here for? I was told i would recieve new information."
Dimitri slides a small packet across the shiny black table to you, stamped with a large CONFIDENTIAL mark in red.
"These hold your tickets to the States, as well as a few sheets of importance that I am at liberty to discuss with you at this moment." Dimitri changed stances, ready to dismiss you. "Your plane leaves at 7 AM. Your code name is Jonas. Good luck, Jonas."
You salute your commander, stuff the packet into the inside pocket of your fur jacket and make your way out the door.

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